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Product Overview

SkinGuard is our first razor specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and razor bumps. The razor shaves hair and guards skin due to its unique SkinGuard positioned between the blades.

It works to minimize tug and pull and cut hair at skin level, helping to prevent irritation. The SkinGuard razor is clinically proven for sensitive skin while giving you the reliable shave of Gillette razors.


Microfin Skin Guard

The SkinGuiard razor minimizes blade contact with sensitive skin, so you will not get as close of a shave as you would expect from our razors with 5 blades


Precision Trimmer

The precision trimmer on the back is perfect for hard-to-reach places and styling facial hair


SkinGuard Technology

The SkinGuard feature is positioned between the blades to smooth skin and protect it from the blades



The SkinGuard cartridge fits on all SkinGuard and Fusion handles, including FlexBall


Lubrication - Shield From Irritation

Lubrication before and after the blades for glide and comfort






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Gillette Skinguard Razor with 3 Blade Refills for Sensitive Skin
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SkinGuard Features

  • Steve

    Apr 21st 2022

    Skin guard blades

    The best blades I've more cuts and rashes

  • P

    Sep 23rd 2021

    Female use ok?

    I LOVE!!!! Although bot curious is it ok for a female to use? I have a disability so WONDERFUL FOR MEEEE

  • Brian Brady

    Sep 10th 2021


    Bought the handle with one blade at a chemist. Without doubt the best razor I have ever used. 14 days from ordering to receipt too long even with Covid. Awfully difficult to remove blades from 8 value pack as I have arthritis in my hands. If I order more, will have to get someone without arthritis to get them out of the package for me. Is 4 pack just as bad?

  • Jayson Sanders

    May 19th 2021

    Great product

    Used for the first time and love the result it leave. No more razor burns.

  • Ronald Jennings

    Jan 18th 2021

    Skin Guard Blades

    Have only started using the skin guard blade, and after not shaving for a week I found that there was no dragging when shaving, amongst the smooth blades that I have used.

  • Beris Taylor

    Jan 11th 2021

    My husband loves it

    I bought this for my husband. I was so surprised at how pleased he was.

  • David Hobbs

    Jan 3rd 2021

    Great product

    Great product, no nicks and much better to use than many other types but why so expensive to buy? It is much cheaper online and in various shops that ordering on the genuine site?

  • Brian Clarkson

    Dec 30th 2020

    Skinguard razon

    A grea razor to use,no cuts and gives a very great shave

  • Shaun

    Oct 8th 2020


    Really great product. I used to buy the blades in store but these ones I got directly from Gillette just feel better- don’t know why. I also got the shave cream and that seems to have made a difference to my shaving experience too.

  • Officer K

    Oct 3rd 2020

    perfect for sensitive skin

    as a person that has used disposable razors like BIC for years, I finally made the switch to get something of higher quality. and not completely disposable. - the razors are designed in a way that do not jam every stroke. it comes right out. - the weight and length is perfect for any man - the rubber grips are wrinkled for best holding experience.

  • Warren

    Aug 20th 2020


    Finally a razor that is gentle on my very sensitive skin. No stinging or little red lumps and a very close shave. Been looking for something like this for 40 years.

  • Paul Drew

    Aug 8th 2020

    Great service

    easy to use, simple to setup, click and forget and they just turn up

  • Douglas Weir

    Jul 2nd 2020

    Gillette Skinguard

    Much smoother shave than my Gillette Pro Glide. I like it.

  • Vaughan Groves

    Jul 2nd 2020


    I’ve used Gillette all my life and recently started using the Skinguard product which I’ve found to be the best so far. I think the idea of having the membership and ongoing delivery of razor blades is a great step.

  • Jun Lee

    Jun 22nd 2020

    For those with sensitive skin

    From a person with extremely sensitive skin this shaver is like heaven. It glides so well and gives such a gentle shave to the point I was surprised a product like this existed. Yes this shaver does not shave as closely with one glide but the shave is clean enough (if you have sensitive skin, I am guessing you don't feel comfortable with a super clean cut shave anyway). Anyway to summarise, I have not experienced any shaver that suits my sensitive skin so well.

  • Jacques Demarais

    Jun 14th 2020

    Blade and handle

    Am very happy with my purchase

  • Sharmaine tong

    May 14th 2020


    Sleek, lovely to use

  • Sharmaine

    May 13th 2020

    Very smooth to use. Leaves a sleek finish on my skin

    Love it

  • John Nelson

    Feb 10th 2020

    skinguard safety razor

    The best safety razor that I have ever used. Nice clean shave without any nicks or cuts. I have found that even if you don't wet your beard to soften it the skinguard razor will give a clean close shave without any drag or feeling that the whiskers are being pulled out.

  • David

    Jan 30th 2020


    Well packaged and with the supplied travel case a bonus. Handle feels the same across the range to me, but the blades are slightly different. This one seems to provide less cuts to a sensitive skin. Time will tell if as the blades wear this continues.

  • Mark kennedy

    Jan 20th 2020

    Gillette skinguard starter kit

    I have been using cheaper disposables ( Schick 3 blade) for years, my first shave with this product was definitely better. Have ordered the Gillette 5 blade razor to compare

  • Ian Armstrong

    Jan 19th 2020

    Skinguard starter kit

    Arrived early. Fantastic product and deal

  • Michael

    Jan 15th 2020


    I have tried many shavers over the years and this is by far the smoothest most comfortable one I have used.

  • Colton Courtney

    Jan 2nd 2020

    Very Satisfied

    My subscription kit arrived soon over Christmas. The travel case looks good and well made

  • Gary

    Dec 27th 2019

    Gillette Skinguard

    Hi I have been shaving with Gillette for 30 years now. The new Skinguard is by far the best yet, I mean I thought the previous versions were great but this one takes it to a new leve,l Awesome

  • Scott

    Dec 19th 2019

    Awesome razor

    Love the free shipping

  • Jason

    Dec 19th 2019

    Awesome Shave and feels great on your skin

    Bought the subscription service last week, the pack arrived very quickly and the shave is amazing as was the bonuses. I thought the bonus travel case would be crappy plastic but far from it - sensational comes to mind. VERY happy customer

  • Alan

    Nov 27th 2019

    really good !

    Great to be able to shave and not cut myself and almost bleed to death. Close, clean shave, easy to use.

  • Luccas

    Nov 10th 2019

    Who has time for irritation?

    This razor paired with the pure shaving cream is bloody good

  • Absow

    Nov 10th 2019

    Best Gillette Razor I have used

    I am completely avoiding irritation on my skin using this razor. They last long and I notice it shaves at skin level which must be why my skin isnt pulling/getting irritated anymore.

  • Andy Wray

    Nov 10th 2019

    Finally can clean shave

    I never usually clean shave because I always get a nasty rash so I found it easier to keep a semi beard. I can actually clean shave with no irritation with skinguard it is amazing

  • David T

    Nov 10th 2019

    No brainer switch

    I have always had an issue with severe skin irritation when shaving, this is the answer I have been searching for! It also fits on my Fusion 5 razor handle.

  • Madison B

    Nov 10th 2019

    Works for me

    Shaving is something that I really don't enjoy doing because since I started shaving as a teenager I've experienced razor burn from having sensitive skin. Not fun. Generally embarrassing. I have tried so many solutions that have not worked but the skinguard razor is a game changer. It does exactly what the name says it does through blade spacing and lubrication. As an adult irritated skin sucks but this has given me respite.

  • Matthew Caris

    Oct 31st 2019

    Glad I made the change!

    I was using another company for years and with their blades I was constantly having shaving rash. Once I changed to Gilette, I noticed the change immediately. The quality of the blades and lifespan are infinitely better.

  • Unknown

    Oct 30th 2019


    I am amazed on how smooth a shave i got using the skin guard. I am already converted

  • Peter White

    Oct 28th 2019

    Gillette Skinguard

    The Gillette Skinguard is a good and smooth product to use. it has a super light handle which is small to hold. I think I prefer the Fusion Pro-glide Power still due to a bigger handle and feels like a closer cut.

  • Kashif Imran

    Oct 27th 2019


    Excellent shaving mechanism so smooth on skin

  • Craig Todd

    Oct 23rd 2019

    Skin Guard Razor

    I have used the new razor for the past 2 weeks with no skin irritation Nice clean smooth shave

  • Neill MacRae

    Oct 17th 2019

    Gillette Skinguard

    Purchased this to replace a 5 blade razor I have been using. The shave was smooth, and irritation free.

  • Matthew

    Oct 17th 2019

    Great razor

    great shave

  • Brian

    Sep 26th 2019

    Gillette Skinguard review

    It seems for all of my 45 years of shaving I have not understood how best to use razors. I also realise that having more blades does not necessarily mean a better, smoother, safer, or less irritating shave. And I have been changing razors way too often. I was a bit sceptical when the Gillette promotion offered a subscription of 4 blades every two months. I thought, surely that's not enough blades. But after a couple of enquiries I was assured that given a standard shaving routine, the blade should last for 14 shaves, I also wanted a razor that didn't irritate my skin towards the end of its use, as my other (cheaper) blades had been doing. So I signed up for the Skinguard subscription and went ahead testing the claims. The result is over eight weeks that, yes, indeed I can get a good shave up to 14 times from a blade. I haven't tried it beyond 14 times, but I get the feeling it would still be OK. I'm not sure how the Skinguard works, — it seems to have only two blades but it has other plastic guides. Whatever it has, it does the job as promised. Close shave, no red irritations. Finally, a shaving razor that suits me, and I can get value for money. The price might seem a little high compared with others, but I have found if you use the razor, the return on investment is there.

  • Nathan Tito

    Sep 17th 2019

    Smooth Skin!

    This razor is keeping my skin free from ingrowns! Love their Pure shave gel too

  • Lachlan Carter

    Sep 17th 2019

    Full Body Shave

    I am a professional swimmer and when I have to make the dreaded shave down for competition, this razor makes things so much easier - no nicks/cuts or extremely itchy skin

  • Justin Schryver

    Sep 17th 2019


    Never was one to clean shave as it always gave me itchy skin which lead me to break out but now I can rock the mo with a smooth chin less the itch

  • Joshua Hedley

    Sep 17th 2019

    Loving it

    This is giving me a smooth shave with no irritation at all

  • Alex Hayes

    Sep 17th 2019

    Shaving used to give me bad skin

    I don't get breakouts any more when I shave, I think its because there are two blades and the skinguard on the razor keeps it from dragging on my face.

  • Taylor Fielding

    Sep 17th 2019

    Can actually clean shave

    I always avoid clean shaving because of ingrown hairs but I haven't had any with this razor

  • Shaun Birley

    Sep 17th 2019

    A razor with no irritation

    When it comes to shaving it has always been difficult for me to find a product that doesn't cause irritation. With SkinGard I can confidently shave with a smooth finish and no redness.

  • Nickeh

    Sep 17th 2019

    Nobody has time for irritation

    I never write reviews but I am so happy with this razor I had to. Definitely 5 stars from me and my sensitive face.

  • Nick Brot

    Sep 17th 2019

    stress free shaving

    I have really sensitive skin (shaving can be a real pain in the neck) but because the blades are elevated away from the skin I find I am no longer getting razor burns or cuts. I can genuinely say this razor has taken the stress out of shaving for me.

  • Steve

    Sep 9th 2019

    Nicked free shave

    Great and smooth shaved with the skin more worry about cutting your face with these

  • Luka S.

    Jul 18th 2019

    SkinGuard is great

    I’m a newbee to shaving and SkinGuard is great…no rash, super smooth too!

  • Rod

    Jul 18th 2019

    A different shave...

    This is cool, really easy on the skin and soooo easy to use. Love it!

  • Cain T

    Jul 18th 2019

    No more irritation - WOW

    Have never found a razor that does not irritate my skin and give me red bumps but here it is. I have had breakouts with other brands but this has been a non irritated, smooth shave. Thanks Gillette!

  • Dan

    Jul 18th 2019

    Best razor I have ever used for my skin

    I have told all my friends and family about this. No cuts or tugs or breakouts on my sensitive skin.

  • Micheal

    Jul 18th 2019

    Highly Recommend

    I dont feel like my skin is scraping with this razor - I am 74 and have tried all the razors out there. This is the best shave out there.. Great product

  • Richard Oliver

    Feb 12th 2019

    Gillette skinguard

    Love it except for tight spots (under/about nostrils) Fabulous smooth shave...