The Gillette Styler trims evenly, shaves closely, and edges.




The All Purpose Gillette Styler trims evenly, shaves closely, and edges precisely. The Styler has everything you need to achieve any facial hair style.

Powered by Braun-engineered technology, the Styler is waterproof and shower safe, letting you trim while you shower.

[feature-title] PROGLIDE STYLER features:

Electric Trimmer


Three settings 2, 4, 6 mm


Battery included


5 Blades


Waterproof Design

The ProGlide Styler is watertight and totally safe to use in wet environments, so there is no risk of being electrocuted.


Braun-Engineered Power Trimmer

Trim with Braun-engineered technology, designed for ultimate manoeuvrability. The ProGlide Styler comes with three exchangeable combs; each comb with a different length for a custom trim for men who like to experiment with various facial hairstyles.





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  • CleanShaved9

    Jul 31st 2019

    Great product

    Fantastic shave. Close smooth cut. The handle takes some getting used to as it’s a fair bit bigger when using the razor, but it’s so convenient to switch between the razor and the trimmer that it more and made up for it!

  • Wally7

    Jul 30th 2019

    Close. Shave.

    Awesome. Product. A. Little. Expensive. But. Time. Will. Tell. Need. 2. See how durable. It. Is. Gives. An. Incredibly. Close. Shave

  • AquaHorse1

    Jul 30th 2019

    Excellent Product

    I left my beard to grow while waiting to test the Styler, and it worked without any problems, and the added bonus of a vibrating shaver is a great idea

  • Poida5

    Jul 30th 2019

    Great product that works well

    I really liked using the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-in-1. I found that it provided a close comfortable shave for me and didn't give me any more skin irritation than I normally experience. I like the fact that I can trim, shave and edge with the one product due to the various attachments that it comes with.

  • Jordan8

    Jul 29th 2019

    Once again another great Gillette shaver

    I am a long time Gillette user and this product did not disappoint! Great for trimming and maintaining that stubble look.

  • Coolng9

    Jul 28th 2019

    Nenad’s Shave

    I love the fact how the product is 2 in 1 and the shaver is cordless.

  • ShelleyJones10

    Jul 28th 2019

    Great for short facial hair

    I think it's a good idea for a product but it's not for me personally. It's great for clean shaving and grooming short style beards. I prefer just a tad longer style beard.

  • Wilyoldbill10

    Jul 18th 2019

    Neat &tidy with a close shave

    First I let my beard grow from the time I signed up for the survey then I trimmed it with the number 3 comb it thin it out sufficiently for me to then trim it to the style I wanted with the number 2 comb.I then used the styler with no comb to take the facial hair off my face to make it easier to shave.I was very impressed with the final shave it was so close & smooth.

  • Jeremy9

    Jul 18th 2019

    Best styler I have used.

    Very powerful for its size. It's great for travel. The blades are fantastic and left me with smooth skin. The trimmer was great for tidying up my beard as it was not bulky.

  • Fitto2

    Jul 18th 2019

    Great shave.

    I have a beard due to always having a rash after shaving. My facial hair is thick and grows very quickly. Gillette fusion pro glide made it easy and comfortable to shave. The electric trimmer made it easy to remove thick hair before shaving and easy to style the remaining goaty.

  • Scozzie675

    Jul 17th 2019

    Scozzie67 here i love this testing

    the BEST PROGLIDE 3 in 1 money and people can buy very good in style

  • Dylan6

    Jul 17th 2019

    Time Saver

    Easy to use. Fairly effective. Trimmer function is a definite time saver.

  • Rojee4

    Jul 17th 2019

    Very Impressed !

    It is light and gives a really close shave - I really like it.

  • Roys10

    Jul 17th 2019

    Right sized, every day use device

    Right sized, right priced, every day use device every man needs. It is sleek and light as well.

  • chris4

    Jul 17th 2019

    great hair product

    very nice and smooth. even the hair trimmer works really well. live it

  • SammiZ5

    Jul 17th 2019

    Hairy Man's tool kit

    I couldn't believe how quick and clean it made my moustache and beard trimming exercise. In under 3 minutes, done! And, 1 minute for my eyebrows too! Cool! It's a pretty powerful little gadget, although the weight was more than I expected. It didn't irritate my skin. I would highly recommend this Gillette Fusion Trimmer to anyone with a beard, moustache or bushy eyebrows! I've tried many of these trimmers in the past. I like this one the most! I expected a quality from Gillette, and they didn't disappoint me! Please don't discontinue or upgrade it too much, because I think it's already ideal. I plan on taking it with me on holidays and when we house sit for friends. It's compact and I already bought myself a small case/shaving bag to make sure it all stays together. I will say one thing though, I think Gillette should bring out a small shaving bag with the brand on it as a promotional offer. I would be willing to pay $5 for a small zip bag about the size of a normal pencil case.

  • ozemite9

    Jul 16th 2019

    Excellent Product. Highly Recommended.

    Tried this product and was extremely impressed with it. It will be an excellent razor to take on holidays as it can not only shave but can do trimming with the accessories that come with it as well.

  • Bilynov7

    Feb 8th 2019

    The Gillette Perfection

    I think it's a good shaver. Not that much different from the other models, except from the styler which I don't think I'll use as often. However I can see this being really convenient when needed as I don't need a separate styler for a quick one.

  • TheCoastie2

    Jan 8th 2019

    The ultimate 3-in-1 shaver

    Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler is a light maneuverable 3-in-1 shaver which is very easy to use and cuts cleanly every time.

  • NxDoyle

    Apr 25th 2017

    Simple. Effective. Portable.

    Having been a devoted user of Gillette blades since the introduction of the Mach 3 in the late 1990's, the step up to the Proglide Styler was inevitable. It's light, compact & effective.