[short-description] The Gillette Labs by Gillette Rapid Foaming Shave Gel cools to soothe skin and helps protect the skin while shaving. To experience a quick, easy and refreshing shave use this shaving gel with Gillette Labs razor. This shaving gel has a has a light and refreshing fragrance and is made with recyclable metal packaging. Made without alcohol or dyes. To use, simply apply, shave, and rinse.
  • Quick & convenient: this shaving gel rapidly foams and easily rinses off, leaving no sticky residue.
  • Ultimate skin comfort: this gel cools to soothe the skin, made with sea kelp and without alcohol or dyes.
  • Skin protection: this shaving gel ensures seamless razor glide and helps protect your skin from shaving irritation.
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  • ​Light and refreshing fragrance: cedar wood and orange peel combine to create a sophisticated and masculine scent.

  • Recyclable Metal Packaging.

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Gillette Labs Quick Rinse Shave Foam 240ml

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Gillette Labs Quick Rinse Shave Foam 240ml

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