Re-energise your skin with Skin By Gillette Regimen Kit for Men.
Step 1: Refresh using the 2 in 1 Face Cleanser. 
Step 2: Renew* your skin with the Skin by Gillette Exfoliating Razor *Shaving helps to exfoliate to renew skin
Step 3: Replenish with the Serum, Water Essence and Face Mask

Contents: 1 x 2 in 1 Cleanser, 1 x Razor, 1 x Serum, 1 x Water Essence, 1 x Face Mask


2 in 1 Cleanser

Refresh your skin with SKIN's by Gillette 2 in 1 Face Cleanser. The Cleanser safely and effectively removes oil, daily grime, pollution and dirt build-up so your skin will stay as clean as fresh​






SKIN by Gillette Razor is specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and razor bumps​







Skin by Gillette Serum absorbs quickly into your skin, making it an excellent step after cleansing, boosting hydration and moisturization​





Water Essence

Skin by Gillette Water Essence is formulated to keep your skin hydrated, enhancing the performance of the serum or moisturizer to follow.​




Face Mask​

Skin by Gillette double action facemask is designed specially to cater to needs of a Man's face.​





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SKiN by Gillette Skincare Regimen Kit for Men

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SKiN by Gillette Skincare Regimen Kit for Men

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