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Product Overview

Our Fusion5 Men’s Razor gives you the awesome feeling of a five-blade shave at an affordable price.

The Fusion5 has five anti-friction blades that last up to 20 shaves per blade refill and without ever sacrificing comfort. The soft microfins before the blades stretch and smooth skin to prepare your skin for a smooth shave, while the Lubrastrip makes sure the blades glide across your skin easily.

Our Fusion5 Razor has a trimmer on the back of the blade for precision styling. Plus, you can use it to shape your facial hair. The Fusion5’s easy-to-grip handle gives you complete control, even with wet hands.

With our Fusion5 razor and blade refills, you can get a great shave at a great price.


Five Antifriction Blades

Five antifriction blades and handle fits all Gillette 5-blade razors (excluding GilletteLabs)


Precision Trimmer

The precision trimmer on the back is perfect for hard-to-reach places


Long Lasting Mega Lubrication Strip

Lubrastrip for comfort and glide


Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic handle is designed for better control in wet conditions


Micro Comb

Microfins gently stretch and smooth skin for a close shave


1 Blade = 1 Month

1 Razor blade refill equals up to one months of shaves



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Fusion5 Features

  • Cherrylmaree Rudd

    Mar 17th 2021

    Replacement blades

    I use the battery operated Fusion 5 and I was unable to purchase these blades locally and was very happy to find them available on this website. They arrived yesterday and fit perfectly.

  • Ken Willimott

    Feb 7th 2021

    Gillette Fusion 5

    Great service and an awesome shave, don't know why I even thought about this it's amazing

  • Sophia Armenis

    Jan 25th 2021

    Product Great - Service MEH

    I ordered the student subscription, great price, convenient for me to get it delivered periodically. It came with the offer of a free storage case, my order arrived promptly without the storage case. I commented via the messenger service where I saw the initial offer. What a mess, they requested numerous screenshots, order numbers and back and forth to eventually come back with a message stating "Yes, you do get a case if you buy this offer". Aaargh. I messaged directly via the portal and was promptly sent a case.

  • Steve Munro

    Sep 25th 2020

    Blades and cream.

    This Gillette deal is terrific. The shave cream in the tube is way better than their gel. Well done Gillette

  • Simon J

    Sep 25th 2020

    Best Shave

    Great service to my door and a great shave

  • Warwick CURRIN

    Sep 24th 2020

    Good Shave made better by a great price

    Have tried other blades brands and used two and three blade Gillette shaver. These fusion 5 blades have great life and continue to shave with ease and no weekend growth drag over the face after the weekend.

  • Robert

    Sep 24th 2020

    Gillette fusions

    Been a Gillette user for most of my life it is a great product to use and now that I can get blades monthly with Gillette Direct don't have to fuss going to buy them

  • Khaleb Bennier

    Jul 2nd 2020

    Starter Kit: Fusion 5

    Have always used Gillette and will always recommend it Their products are of great quality to suit all requirements

  • John Immink

    Mar 3rd 2020

    Great product suits my needs as above

    As above

  • Arend Ligt

    Feb 2nd 2020


    Nice and smooth shave.

  • Gregg Taylor

    Jan 29th 2020


    Great shave

  • Chris

    Jan 23rd 2020

    Best Find Ever

    So glad I found this subscription service, wish I had found it years ago. So handy and cheaper than the stores. The bonus sample product is very welcomed and perfect for when we travel.

  • David Owens

    Jan 10th 2020

    Gillette fusion

    I have started travelling a fair bit and live out of a toiletry bag the travel case will make a difference.

  • Gregg Taylor

    Oct 18th 2019

    Great shave

    Been using Gillett shavers for years. Thanks great shave

  • Stephen

    Oct 18th 2019

    I don't have to remember!

    With blades being sent to me, I don't have to remember which kind it is again when I'm at the supermarket. What a wonderful concept.

  • Rick Morton

    Oct 18th 2019

    Fusion 5 Review

    Service and Delivery are good and econimical

  • Fusion 5

    Oct 17th 2019

    Promotion case

    Good product

  • Doug

    Sep 16th 2019

    Fusion 5

    I find the blades only last about 7-8 days at most. Will see how it goes over the next couple of blades but as a person with thick stubble will probably find the blades don't last 2 months as suggested.

  • fredrick morton

    Jul 17th 2019

    FUSION 5

    I have been using these blades all of my life, and can highly recommend them and this deal

  • Mark

    Jul 17th 2019

    Fusion 5

    Great razor, gives me maximum protection, whilst providing a really close shave.

  • Mitch T

    Jun 25th 2019

    Gillette shaver for life

    Great razor, I have no razor bumps or nicks.

  • Nicholas Gonsales

    May 31st 2019

    Have been using this for years!

    I have been using Fusion 5 for years, the blades last so long. I am a gillette shaver for life.

  • john veitch

    Apr 13th 2019

    starter kit

    well made and good value

  • Mark

    Apr 12th 2019

    Fusion 5

    Great blades last a long time. Don’t have to remember,,great value

  • Roy

    Mar 12th 2019

    Best Shave

    I have been using cheaper blades and rasor on a subscription basis and was quite happy, till i tried the gillette fusion, now i know why its worth the extra, the shave is amazing. Smooth as glass