Venus's pubic hair and skin razor is specifically designed to help protect pubic skin from shaving irritation.




Venus’ Pubic Hair and Skin Razor Blade Refills are specifically designed to help protect pubic skin from shave irritation. Each cartridge has a patented Irritation Defence Bar and optimally spaced blades that allow the blades to cut hair while barely touching the skin. Also, the razor refills come equipped with a precision trimmer on the back of the blades to help with tricky areas.




Protects your pubic hair & skin


Dermatologist and Gynaecologist Tested

Dermatologist & Gynaecologist Tested


White Square


White Square








Patented Irritation Defense Bar

For a smooth shave with blades that barely touch the skin. Protects pubic skin from shaving irritation.



Designed for Tricky Areas

Small razor head with a precision trimmer on the back of the blades to reach tricky areas.



Ergnomic Handle

With rubber-like grip for control in the shower. 





For Great Results

Use the entire Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin lineup!


















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Venus Pubic Hair & Skin Razor with 2 Blade Refills

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Venus Pubic Hair & Skin Razor with 2 Blade Refills

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  • Courtney67

    Jun 1st 2021

    Love, love, love!!

    I love this product for my no no square it gets in all the nooks and craneys so much easier then with a regular razor. I dont have to worry about missing anything when I'm done. I definitely recommend this to all my ladies out there that need to or always mows their grass.

  • Mandymandy

    Jun 1st 2021

    Great for all sensitive skin!

    I have the most sensitive skin. Shaving or waxing my legs is always a nightmare. I’m left with red irritated skin no matter what I use or how careful I am. I’m not sure what kind of magic this razor is made of, but I shaved my legs, underarms and the bikini area with no irritation! 10/10 recommend!

  • Ash1000

    Jun 1st 2021

    Works so well

    I honestly hate shaving. My skin gets easily irritated and gets razor burn and ingrown hairs galore. This is the only razor that helps me and allows to shave without as much pain and annoyances! I use a good moisturizing shave gel/cream with it and so far, so good. Will continue to repurchase!

  • kelisabeth

    Jun 1st 2021

    Best Razor Ever

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about this razor. I have never been so smooth, with no irritation, nicks, or left over hairs. I will never use another razor for my lady area again. I've never been more excited to shave!!

  • Mimi4664

    Jun 1st 2021

    Great product!

    This Gillette Venus razor for the bikini area is a dream come true. Never, ever have I been able to shave or trim my bikini area without getting razor bumps, redness, skin irritation and itching. Until now!! I was absolutely elated that I got such a clean shave with none of the awful after effects. I highly recommend this razor/trimmer.

  • Muhkayluh96

    Jun 1st 2021

    Smooth, clean shave!

    I love this razor. I struggle to shave the area it's for, but this is the smoothest, cleanest shave I've ever had. I love the heavy handle and the nice metal construction of it. I'll be buying this many times. I didn't have any nics or cuts or anything it was so easy and smooth. I think this is what I needed in my life!

  • Dnaber

    Jun 1st 2021

    Love it

    This razor was so easy to use!!! I loved it!! Didn't leave any bumps afterwards either which is a huge plus!! Easy to move around!! I really like that the blades are disposable and super soft. Perfect for sensitive skin like mine.