Protecting Our Planet

Posted by {"category":["Corporate Social Responsibility"]} on Jul 10th 2020

Gillette is committed to inspiring every man, at every age and life stage, to be the best he can be. Our vision is to deliver incredible grooming experiences, while leaving the world a better place for every generation. As a grooming leader for over a century, we know the importance of leaving a strong legacy. That’s why we are making social and environmental programs an integral part of everything we do. We want our brands to serve as a force for good today, tomorrow and well into the future.

More than 800 million consumers around the world trust us for their grooming needs. Our goal is to provide these men and women with the best possible grooming products while protecting our planet’s resources.

We want to help set a new standard of environmental excellence by using fewer resources by the year 2030. To do this, we plan to improve our environmental footprint across many important areas like packaging, product waste, water conservation, manufacturing operations and our supply chain. We are also fully committed to providing consumers with the highest quality products and using safe ingredients they can trust.

As we work to do our part to protect our planet, we have set clear goals and have made some important strides forward in several areas:

Reduce product waste