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King C. Gillette Double Edge Safety Razor Blades bring classic craftsmanship and 21st century sharpening technology together to create precise, durable, reliable razor blades. Inspired by King Camp Gillette’s original 1901 razor blades, these incredibly strong stainless steel razor blades are reinforced with durable platinum for extra strength and an anti-friction coating for a comfortable, close shave. 

  • Made from stainless steel so thin that it needs external support to make sure its cutting edge stays rigid and effective 
  • Stainless steel provides protection from corrosion 
  • Platinum coating on blades brings extra strength and durability 
  • Anti-friction coating helps blades glide through facial hair with less resistance for a more comfortable shave and less risk of razor burn 
  • Perforations in the centre of the blade help secure the razor and allow for accurate positioning during shaving 

What Do Safety Blades Do? 

Safety razor blades were originally designed to be blades that would deliver a close, clean shave without the need for any stropping or sharpening; this is still the case, although it is recommended that King C. Gillette Double Edge Safety Razor Blades are changed regularly to maintain optimal performance.


How to insert a new blade:

Step 1: Holding the razor upside down unscrew the handle and lift off the blade guard and old blade.

Step 2: Place a new blade on to the cap using the central screw and 2 location posts to keep the blade straghts.

Step 3: Replace the guard and reattach the handle by turning clockwise until fully tightened





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Double Edge Safety Razor Blades 10ct

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Double Edge Safety Razor Blades 10ct

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