Cleanse your beard and keep your facial hair looking and feeling fresh with the King C. Gillette Beard & Face Wash. It contains argan oil and coconut oil, alongside menthol, mild cleansers and balanced conditioners that have been optimised especially for facial hair.

  • Helps to remove dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil from your beard hair and nourish the dry skin underneath your facial hair
  • Includes menthol to leave skin with a refreshing, comfortable, cooling sensation
  • Combines patented hair conditioning technology that’s been optimised for beard hair with nourishing natural extracts, including argan oil, avocado oil and coconut water
  • Creates a rich lather in just seconds
  • Can be used as a beard conditioner
  • Can be easily rinsed off with warm water
  • Features King C. Gillette’s signature masculine scent with notes of sage, cedarwood, cardamom and sandalwood
  • Comes in a 350ml pump bottle




What Does Beard Wash Do?

Everyday dirt, sweat and pollution can lead to facial hair feeling and smelling less than fresh. If your pores are clogged with excess sebum and dead skin cells, this can affect the look and feel of your facial hair, leaving you feeling far from well-groomed.

Using the King C. Gillette Beard & Face Wash can help to keep both your skin and your facial hair clean.


How to use the King C Gillette Beard and Face Wash:

Step 1: Wet your beard

Step 2: Dispense a small amount in your hand and lather up

Step 3: Work into a wet beard

Step 4: Rinse




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  • Michael Clarke

    Jul 9th 2021

    Blade Subscription

    Went to a certain dollar club shave for 1 shave before coming back. Gillette really is “the best a man can be”.

  • Richard G O'Neill

    Jun 28th 2021

    Close Shave

    The joy of cartridge shaves have left many years ago, I have longed for the close shave my old Gillette Safety Razor provided. From my first shave, I was impressed, never going back.

  • Zelimir Bosak

    Jun 12th 2021

    Received the products in record time

    I used razor blades all my life and yours are the best.

  • Savath

    Jun 10th 2021

    Gillette​ products

    It's been more than 50 years already that I have been a big fan of Gillette. Not eeven once that I am unsatisfied with the products. Thank you Gillette.